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Hello book lovers,

Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure that is self-publishing. I thought I’d introduce myself so you get to know me better.

I’m Eve Charles, Founder of Bardelli Books.

I'm a life lover. I am an adventurer, looking for treasure. The most precious moments and priceless experiences I can find.

I'm the mother of two free-range children, a wife, an environmentalist, a coach, and a writer.

I am a reader and a dreamer. I am ME.

My true passion is to help people, especially children, to unlock their potential, may it be through coaching or writing.

A Clinical Hypnotherapist and writer, I have combined my two passions to create engaging children's books to support kids to be more confident and succeed in their lives. I use positive suggestions in my stories to unlock the power of positive thinking.

My very first book will be released in November this year. It’s being illustrated as we speak. If you are reading this and you are a published author, you must understand how it feels to see a book nearing completion. I cannot wait to share it with you! I have written a second book which will be out early next year and I’m currently working on the third one.

For now, I’m focusing on children’s picture books, age 0-7 but I’d love to write for older kids at a later stage.

You see, children inspire me. I think we can learn so much from them. Just like us, they need guidance and attention. They also need to feel safe and understood. Through my stories, I want to help kids unlock their potential and build up their confidence.

My respect for nature makes it a central element in my stories and an extraordinary setting for my characters.

In another life and prior to unleashing my creative mind, I worked for 15 years promoting economic development, education and environmental policy, including a decade working for the United Nations.

Again, thank you for your support, it's much needed and appreciated.

Feel free to follow my adventures @bardellibooks.

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