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Author and mum of two children, Eve Charles, has written and published her second children’s book, Born to be me, which was released on Tuesday 1 December 2020.

A clinical hypnotherapist by profession, Eve has combined her therapeutic and writing talents in a book which uses positive affirmations to unlock the power of positive thinking.

Born to be me, released by independent publishing company Bardelli Books, has been cleverly crafted to build your child’s confidence page by page. The story, set amidst beautiful illustrations, shows that love is stronger than fear and that kindness is the ultimate superpower.

“This gentle and free flowing story follows a young cuckoo bird’s journey to

self-discovery, travelling through doubts and setbacks, and providing the tools to overcome life’s challenges,” Eve Charles said.

“Born to be Me is especially relevant in today’s world with COVID-19 creating such uncertainty and sadness. It is an unsettling time for everyone and so important to make children feel safe and protected among the chaos.”

Eve’s love for nature is evident through her storytelling, as well as her ability to portray relatable scenes, with solutions to help youngsters work through emotional situations.

This book, featuring gorgeous water colour illustrations by French artist, Sarah Maurette, provides a metaphor for life.

Born to be me is a gentle reminder that while misfortune changes everything, it can also help you grow into the best version of yourself, and even create beauty beyond what you thought imaginable,” Eve said.

All you need to do to stimulate positive enduring change ... is to open the first page and read!

Books in the ‘Imagine If’ collection are created for children aged 5 to 8 and have been crafted to educate, motivate, and empower children to build their confidence and self-love.

Born to be me is available for purchase on the Bardelli Books’ website and in selected bookshops.

For more information about Born to be me and the Bardelli Books' Imagine If series, visit or call 027 615 4077

Editors Notes:

Born to be me is the second of the ‘Imagine If’ series designed to transport you and your little ones to another world, where imagination is fuelled, and treasured memories created.

Eve’s first book, To be or nut to be, was released in November last year. Aligned with the rest of the series, her first book aims to help children build their confidence and self-love. The book narrates Mighty Squirrel’s journey of surprises and self-discovery. Anxious at first, Mighty Squirrel finds the resources he needs to conquer his fears and survive in the forest.

Eve has combined her two passions, writing and clinical hypnotherapy, to create inspiring and engaging children’s books. She believes that as parents, caregivers, leaders, and educators, strengthening our children’s soft skills is one of the most important investments we can make. Eve became a clinical hypnotherapist in 2017 after suffering from postpartum depression and discovering the transformative power of this therapy. She is hoping her stories will help children build the skills they need for today and tomorrow. In another life, Eve worked for 15 years promoting economic development, education and environmental policy including a decade working as Research and Communications Officer for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Hypnotherapy works amazingly well for children and can help them with a wide range of issues. To put it in simple terms, hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses extreme concentration, intense attention, or/and deep relaxation to bring about change. Children tend to have immediate success with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Children are often more suggestible than adults because they have had fewer life experiences. Therefore, suggestions are more readily accepted because we are unlikely to be infringing upon or going against any of the child’s core beliefs.

On every even page of the Imagine If books there is a positive message that can be reinforced by reading it to your child after they have fallen asleep and within 45 minutes of them closing their eyes. While your child is relaxed and sleeping is when their brain is most receptive to positive suggestions and your soothing words of reassurance and love, combined with the author’s positive hypnotic language, will target a level of consciousness not accessible while in a completely conscious state. Positive change will manifest quickly, and you will see your child becoming more confident, relaxed and aware of their surroundings.

The more your child is exposed to words and sounds from an early age, the higher their capacity will be to build new neural connections and increase their ability to learn as they get older. Our unconscious mind controls more than 90% of our behaviour.

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