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­­­Beautiful illustrations paired with cleverly written positive suggestions, this book helps children navigate through the uncertainties of life and learn vital new skills for their future success. To be or nut to be narrates Mighty Squirrel’s journey of surprises and self-discovery. Anxious at first, Mighty Squirrel finds the resources he needs to conquer his fears and survive in the forest.


Engaging, encouraging and easy to follow, this is the first of six books within Bardelli Books’ Imagine If series designed to educate, motivate and empower children to build their confidence and self-love, one page at a time.



To be or nut to be

  • Author, Eve Charles, has combined her two passions – writing and hypnotherapy – to weave positive affirmations throughout her stories to unlock the power of positive thinking. With the world rapidly evolving and technological advances bringing disruptive change, Eve believes that the qualities that make us human are now more valuable than ever; as it is these qualities that will make us relevant in the job market.


    There are six books in the series, each one helping children grow the most in-demand skills for future success such as creativity, critical thinking, resilience, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and curiosity. We know that these skills will never go out of style. 


    All you need to do to stimulate positive enduring change ... is to open the first page and read.

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