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Meet The Characters

Mighty Squirrel.JPG

Mighty Squirrel

Main character in the first book.

A mighty squirrel in the making, he is moving fast through discovery.

A bit anxious, yet, curious.

Curiosity takes him to great places and new opportunities.

Key skills:

curiosity, problem-solving, confidence.

Cuckoo Pops.png

Cuckoo Pops

Main character in the second book.

He is cheeky and lucky.

Cuckoo Pops is a survivor.

He is adaptable and thinks outside the box. His uniqueness is his strength. With him, attitude is everything.

Key skills:

change management, critical thinking, independence.


Greta Gasbee

Main character in the third book.

She is smart and communicates clearly. 

She learns fast and teaches others around her. 

She is looking at ways to relax and just be.

Key skills:

teamwork, communication, positive attitude.


Gracie Magpie

Key character in the second book.

She is empathetic and kind. She follows her intuition and heart. 

She is resilient, adaptable and sees the best in people.

Key skills:

empathy, emotional intelligence, optimism.

Dame Cuckoo_edited.jpg

Dame Cuckoo

Key character in the first and second books.

She is independent and unconventional. She learns that freedom is an illusion; it always comes at a price.

Her motto is "my life, my choices, my lessons."


Key skills:

independence, self-management, problem-solving.

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