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Ink from the heart

Hypnotherapy? Writing? Absurd combination or magical recipe?

In this podcast hosted by #BeautifulGhosts, find out why I decided to write children's books and how I'm hoping to build children's self-love and confidence, one page at a time.


Seven years ago, I suffered from postpartum depression. It was hard.

*I felt useless and guilty.

*I believed I was a terrible mum and wife.

*I had lost total confidence in myself.

*My tank was empty and my heart sore.

It took time and some help but I recovered thanks to my loving husband, my beautiful kids, and hypnotherapy.

I was so blown away by the power of hypnotherapy that I became a clinical hypnotherapist myself to help others on their life journey.

A few years on, my love for writing caught up with me and I thought why not combine storytelling and hypnotherapy in the form of children’s books to help kids (and parents) build their self-love and confidence. #bardellibooks was born and the rest is history.

Thank you #beautifulghosts for inviting me to your show. It was lovely to be able to tell the story of the mountain I climbed, and I hope my story can become a page in someone else’s survival guide.

Check out the podcast links below:

@Bardelli Books 2021 - Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

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