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On being 40 (ish)

Who says life doesn’t begin at 40?

A year ago, I decided to act. I have always been one of those people with multiple ideas firing through my brain. I must admit, I am a dreamer. I see ideas come and go like a tennis ball at a Rolland Garros’ final. I’m often transported to imaginary places ‘where I could be this or that if I had done this or that’.

Too many times, I didn’t follow through with ideas and guess what, they became someone else’s. That someone else ended up being ahead of me because unlike me, they went for it. The idea that I once had, ended up materializing in someone else’s hands. They had done it, they had conquered their fear, they had pursued their dream.

A year ago, I threw myself into the fear zone. I stepped out of my comfort zone and listened to my little voice of intuition.


Because I had nothing to lose. Yes, it was scary but oh, boy, it was exciting!

Some might call it a mid-life crisis; I call it an identity calling.

I took the plunge. I decided to trust myself; to trust myself that I could do it; to trust myself that I could trust others along the way. I learned patience; I learned to navigate uncertainties and I learned to be comfortable asking for help. ‘I’ became ‘we’, my journey became our learnings. I learned that when you are on your path, things happen and you can be inflow.

I had always liked writing; I’ve always been inspired by children and I had a book boiling inside of me, screaming to come out.

The ‘What if’, became ‘when’, the ‘how’ became ‘what now and what next’, the dream became reality.

A year on, I have absolutely no regrets. The late nights, the weekends, the doubts, the unknown, all of it was worth it. It made me grow into a better version of myself, it taught my loved ones to chase their dreams.

Remember, there is no failure, only feedback. Now go ahead and do it. Let it carry you and let the world meet you halfway.

Be curious, be kind, be MIGHTY!


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