On being 40 (ish)

Who says life doesn’t begin at 40?

A year ago, I decided to act. I have always been one of those people with multiple ideas firing through my brain. I must admit, I am a dreamer. I see ideas come and go like a tennis ball at a Rolland Garros’ final. I’m often transported to imaginary places ‘where I could be this or that if I had done this or that’.

Too many times, I didn’t follow through with ideas and guess what, they became someone else’s. That someone else ended up being ahead of me because unlike me, they went for it. The idea that I once had, ended up materializing in someone else’s hands. They had done it, they had conquered their fear, they had pursued their dream.

A year ago, I threw myself into the fear zone. I stepped out of my comfort zone and listened to my little voice of intuition.