How bad do you want it?

I remember this little girl; she must have been around nine or ten. I can picture her as she wanders through the streets of beautiful Geneva, Switzerland, with one of her favorite humans. It was a bright morning with a clear blue sky; the air was crisp, and a cold breeze was rolling across the mirror-like lake as she walked along Wilson Pier, proudly holding her grandma’s hand.

As they reached the Geneva Botanical Gardens, they took a left turn and walked up Avenue de la Paix, or Peace Avenue. The little girl turned to her grandma and asked, “Peace Avenue is such a beautiful name, do you know why it is called that, Nana?” The grandmother’s piercing blue eyes looked down at her granddaughter as if she was looking right into her soul and with a very soothing voice, she said, “this is the avenue that celebrates all of the organizations and people who devote their lives to peacebuilding.” They both smiled and carried on walking until they reached the Geneva United Nations complex, a few hundred steps away.

There, the grandmother whispered, looking towards the magnificent building unveiling itself behind an alley of national flags; “this is the United Nations office, my dear. This is the place where people work tirelessly to make this world a better place.”